Ground Acts: 


if You wish to book

  •  contortion on the box/platform: and if  artist is travelling  by plane or by train , the client can provide a similar platform to the artist ( as shown on the picture) . The platform should be stable and strong enough to hold the weight of the artist.

In case if the client chooses

  •  Contortion act with cloth & projection:  

2 ventilators have to be provided and a projector with white screen.

  • if artist is travelling with her own vehicle , following props can fit in a small car ( except projector & white screen)

Vertical Pole

For pole act minimum height required  - is 3 meters

Set up time - around 20 minutes

To preset the prop for the show takes between 15/30 seconds

In case of ground transportation pole can be transported in a small  vehicle.

 In case of air-transportation pole stage can be carried as hold luggage : 2 bags ( around 23kg each) + SPORTS luggage

( 150 cm long tubes are packed in a special ski bag) 

Pole Platform Diameter approx. 150m

Please contact me for more info:

[email protected]

Shower Cabin / Calaboose

  • for  this act the most important is available space in the backstage! Because the weight of the structure is 250 kg and it cannot be easily removed from the stage if stairs are present. You can roll the structure on the stage, attach electricity, and than same way remove it from the stage.

Perfect for theatre stage or circus stage!

  • 1 technician is required to assist the artist during the show and control the motor!

Water Cup / Waterbowl

  • Place requirement: during show L6xB6xH4,5m
  • Gateway: Flat passages and doors with min.185 cm width. If stairs are present than a

waterbowl can be carried by 2 men. Weight of empty bowl is 100 kg
  • Water connection: Gardena or “brass-quick connector at the backstage for water boiler 
  • Electrical connection 2x220V
  • Preparation: time required to fill and heat the water – 2 hours
  • Stage load: min capacity 1,500 kg weight of filled water bowl 
  • Water temperature around 30 – 33°C , (if filled bowl with water is being preset 2 hours before the show, keep in mind that water temperature drops for 1°C each hour)
  • Water resistant objects and matters in the perimeter have to be resistant against water drops
  • after the show: industrial vacuum system to remove approx. 100 l of water from the tarpaulin
  • Parking place for a van/truck 

For more info please contact : [email protected]

Aerial acts: 

Flying Window

Window Act: 

Motorized winch 220V. 

Min hold 350kg

Height min 4,5m

Or Chain Motor min hold 350 kg.

If motor not available , rigging  can be done by using manual pulley! 

Please see pictures below!

Oriental Lyra , Flying Pole or Aerial Net

      Crystal Ball (Aerial Sphere)

Flying piano

2 hours set-up,
stage width min. 5 m,
height above stage min. 3,5 m.
The stage has to support 500 kg.

Technical Rider

  •  dressing room/changing room for the artist (preferably single room)
  •  bathroom (with toilets, shower, towels). WC not outside!
  •  drinking water (any additional snacks or drinks are welcome but not obligate!)
  •  the artist has to be given exact/approximate time of performance!!!
  •  the artist has to be given at least 60-30 min to warm-up before the show! 
  •  transfer to the venue(if not walking distance) has to be provided for the artist!
  •  travel expenses should be paid by employer!
  •  accommodation provided (if event is far away, or finishing late!), Single room!
  •  additional expenses for the travel should be also covered by employer!  

Feel free to ask if You have any questions regarding Technical Rider or Rigging! 

                    E-mail me : [email protected]