Technical requirements:
 Flying piano
2 hours set-up,
stage width min. 5 m,
height above stage min. 3,5 m.
The stage has to support 500 kg.
 Aerial Ring / Window Act:  

Motorise winch 220V. Min hold 500kg

Or Chain Motor min hold 350kg.

 Heigh min 4,5m

If motor not available , rigging  can be done by using manual pulley! 


Aerial Silks

Ceiling height min 5-8 meters.

Aerial sphere requires min  4,5 meters height

Aerial Net  - same as  aerial ring,

motor or rigging on a pully is a must!

If for the Ring is not possible any kind of rigging mentioned above . Katrina also performs static aerial ring -  by using silks for climbing.  So for this act only hanging point is required. Hanging point should be not more than 6 meters high.   


 In case if any of above mentioned rigging is not possible ( outdoor events & festivals) Katrina has the possibility to rent a special structure 8 meters high!  But the cost of the show will be much higher! 

And of course  important 

 is nice, friendly atmosphere!


Vertical Pole

For pole act minimum height required  - is 3 meters

Set up time - around 20 minutes

To preset the prop for the show takes between 15/30 seconds

In case of ground transportation pole can be transported in  small  vehicle.

 In case of air-transportation pole stage can be carried as hold luggage : 2 bags ( around 23kg each) + SPORTS luggage

( 150 cm long tubes are packed in a special ski bag) ;

Please contact me for more info:

[email protected]  


Technical Rider for Shower Cabin, Aerial Sphere, Waterbowl will be provided on request by email, as well as other details regarding info above.  


  Technical Rider

  •  dressing room/changing room for the artist (preferably single room)
  •  bathroom (with toilets, shower, towels). WC not outside!
  •  drinking water (any additional snacks or drinks are welcome but not obligate!)
  •  the artist has to be given exact/approximate time of performance!!!
  •  the artist has to be given at least 60-30 min to warm-up before the show! 
  •  transfer to the venue(if not walking distance) has to be provided for the artist!
  •  travel expenses should be paid by employer!
  •  accommodation provided (if event is far away, or finishing late!), Single room!
  •  additional expenses for the travel should be also covered by employer!  


Feel free to ask if You have any questions regarding Technical Rider or Rigging! 

                    E-mail me : [email protected]