Aerial Window

The Window

 Katrina opens the window, and the window starts to fly.  Flying window can be performed on smaller and bigger stages. Poetic and elegant act is a good alternative to popular aerial acts like ring or trapeze.  Original  & inspiring aerial performance ! Duration of the act 4-5 minutes.

  Price: negotiable

For booking & more details  contact:

  E-mail: [email protected]  

or call +371 26767930 (LV) 


  • on the table, globe, or special platform wearing glamour costume suitable for your event or show. Katrina can always adjust the choreography, music, and outfit that fits the best for Your gig.
  • on the floor(carpet) combined with dance & acrobatics.

Spectacular & very capable performance. Perfect for dinner shows, corporate parties, clubs, weddings, exhibitions also  with  very limited space. Duration around 4-6 minutes.

Price: negotiable

 Please note that price for gala is always higher than salary for regular job  (longer term contract) per working day!

 The  price is always negotiable  and depends on the booking request, budget of the event, location and other circumstances.!( Fee per performance + all expenses paid; The price depends on location, budget of the event and time required for travelling.  )

For booking this contact me[email protected] or call +37126767930  

Original Act - Shower Cabin

No rigging required! Original Act produced by Kai Leclerc and choreographed by Katrina Asfardi. A unique combination of contortion, aerial and pole acrobatics. Contemporary style. The idea of the number is constant incompleteness & unsatisfaction with our body, and our physical condition. Duration of the act  - 6 min.

 For booking contact : [email protected]

Contortion in the water cup

Suitable the most for various outdoor events in the summer, or water themed shows/events/exhibitions. This act has become very popular in last few years, especially after Cirque du Soleil produced it for their show "Zumanity" in Las Vegas.  This act was originally created by N.Chelnokov, and soon after became popular among others in show industry. 

For more info contact:

Email:  [email protected]

Price: negotiable

Vertical Pole performance

Katrina performs pole dance in her contemporary interpretation. Katrinas` performance has  sophisticated  & modern character breaking   the stereotypes of "sexuality" and provocacy in pole performance. The music, the costume  & choreography Katrina adapts for our audience who appraciates pole art & contemporary dance. 

Price: negotiable

For booking please contact: [email protected]

cell. +37126767930

Flying Piano

 Piano Act "Volare" 

Katrina is  in a concert at the white grand piano. She dances, sings, shows her contortionist skills, while looking at the notes,  following the rythm of the music,and expressing her love to jazz music.

After she starts to play, the piano and Katrina suddenly start to fly about and vault 360° in the air. A spectacular number lasting 7 minutes.

 To book this Act Contact Kai +41793596308

 E-mail: [email protected] 

Crystal Ball  - Aerial Contortion 

This act has become popular in various shows, because of its grace - where contortion movements are shown up in the air, and it looks as if the artist is flying in the air inside of a crystal Ball.  Please contact me for more info if U wish to book this act.

 Contact: [email protected]

  Cell. +371 26767930 (LV)

          +393 924067845 (Italy)

 Price : negotiable


Aerial Silk & Aerial Net


Aerial Silks or Aerial Net 

Aerial Silk -act lasts around 4/5 min. Client can choose the most suitable music for his event.

Ceiling height has to be min 5 meters.


Aerial Net act lasts around 5 min. This act cannot be performed with standby rigging. High speed Motor is a must. 

Please see the Technical rider!  

Price: negotiable

( Fee  per performance + all expenses paid; depending on Location

Contract over a month wage may vary )    

For discos,events always special price! 


Oriental Aerial Lyra

Katrina is  performing aerial hoop with oriental fusion & bellydance  elements. Graceful, spectacular number with oriental dress & music. Duration around 4-5 minutes.    

    Price: negotiable

(  Fee per performance + all expenses paid;  Contract for a longer  term price may vary )

For booking & more details contact:  [email protected] or call  +37126767930   


Complete shows

 Variety Shows

  • Complete show in inflatable tent up to 70 min:  Domus
  • Shows for shopping malls up to 30 min

       Price: negotiable

  E-mail : [email protected] 

Modeling & photoshooting

 If You wish to book Katrina for such purposes like: commercial or art-photography, media (TV shows, advertising, magazine, interviews & other publicity) feel free to send Your booking inquiry to:

 [email protected]

or call  +37126767930

Workshops & Choreography


  • contemporary dance Workshops
  • pole dance workshops
  • choreography
  • workshops in aerial acrobatics
  • stretching workshops 

 For more info & booking contact Katrina

Skype Me!



   Katrina is available to be employed as a circus artist, performer for a gala, dinner show, theatre, production company, circus, agency etc. The performance, music & choreography can be adapted to the venue. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!